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Why PFAT ?

Through caring about quality and excellent customer satisfaction we display an equally responsible attitude towards both large-scale and small-scale orders and perform translations for both legal entities and private individuals

A speedy response to your inquiries: answers to your questions, calculation of the price and timing

 You can order texts of any length for translation, whether it is only one sentence or operational manuals consisting of over 500 pages – and we consider every project unique

All texts are different and we are always ready to discuss the related details of your text in precise detail. We will provide you with the most suitable solution (relative to the translation process, speed, price, format, delivery thereof etc.)

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to call or email us, and we’ll do our best to reach a mutually favourable agreement!

If the Romans had been obliged

to learn Latin, they would never have

found time to conquer the world

(Heinrich Heine)



The translation bureau PFAT offers a wide range of linguistic services, including translation of websites and other materials, editing, proofreading and localization, as well as certification of translation and other services.

Our wide network of translators from different countries, who translate into their native language, is at your disposal. Our professional translators and editors raise their qualification and take various tests on a regular basis for maintaining the high quality of services provided.

Cooperation with PFAT has the following advantages:

  • less costs for translations – the price is calculated according to the number of new words;
  • translation memory is maintained in order to use it for new translations (one and the same fragment/sentence is translated only once, saved and used repeatedly, if necessary);
  • consistent terminology;
  • all formats are accepted;
  • rapid response to requests and fast execution of orders;
  • strict confidentiality;
  • we have translators/editors with knowledge in various fields;
  • PFAT is available practically at any time;
  • we have our own experience, glossaries, translation tools (CAT) and other options.

More information

Process of project execution


Send your request

The client sends a translation order with the source in the form of text files, instructions and their required outcome to our e-mail address.


We provide individual offers

PFAT assesses the received project (text) and determines an individual offer according to the client’s request. The offer includes services required for the particular project: translation, editing, proofreading, reproduction (one or more of these services), as well as the price and deadline for completion of the project.


Terms, price, essential services necessary services

The client examines our project offer and together, we agree on the details: deadline, price, required services, and after that we can start execution of the project.


Project handover

PFAT submits the executed project to the client.


Translation quality assurance

The client examines the quality of the executed project and gives feedback within three business days. If the feedback is positive or is not provided, the project is considered as completed and PFAT submits an invoice.


Provision of linguistic services to the client

  • high quality
  • fast
  • meeting expectations
  • beneficial rates


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